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Any Emory Laney Graduate School student is eligible to receive a GSC travel grant of up to $250 to present a poster, paper, or talk at a single academic conference. A student may only receive funding ONCE per academic year (1 September through 31 July; Budgets are closed all of August), based on the date of the conference, and TWICE during his/her academic career at Emory.


ITTF- Fall 2017 (September – December): Fall 2017 Application Form (5 people on waitlist as of 9/06/17)

ITTF – Spring 2018 (January – April): Spring 2018 Application Form

ITTF - Summer 2018 (May – July): Summer 2018 Application Form




Please carefully read ALL of the following directions PRIOR to your travel.

Within 30 days after the completion of your travel, you MUST submit a Travel Expense Report online through the Compass system ( AND turn in two hard copies of all of the necessary paperwork to the Finance Office on the top floor level of the AMUC.

If you do not submit these materials within 30 days of returning, your funding will be revoked, yet still count against your career limit of two (2) grants.

If you are approved for funding and do not notify us within one week of your return that you no longer need the grant, it will still count against your career limit of two (2) grants.

During your travels, save all your ORIGINAL receipts as Accounts Payable will not accept copies. These receipts must include BOTH the itemized list of purchases as well as the credit card slip showing proof of transaction. If a receipt does not include the credit card slip, you will need to submit a redacted credit card statement that indicates proof of purchase.

Do NOT pay for any expenses with cash.

During domestic travel, receipts are now required for daily meal expenses. You can no longer reimburse per diem without receipts.  The GSC allows you to reimburse up to $50/day of daily meal expenses as long as receipts are provided.

During international travel, Emory still allows for daily meal expenses to be reimbursed under per diem without receipts. Per diem rates for international travel are set by the US State Department:

If you are purchasing an airline ticket or making a hotel reservation online, be sure to print out your receipts, not just the itinerary.

If you do not have any other source of funding, you should submit your original receipts to the GSC. If you have another source of funding, they may wish to retain the original receipts. If that is the case please be sure to include copies for the GSC and a note about the location of the originals.

ALL expenses must be made with your own funds and then reimbursed. Do NOT directly charge your airfare or any other expenses to an Emory Smart Key account.

Please note the following important information about expenses and reimbursements: *

Airline reservations MUST be made through one of Emory’s air travel providers (For more information, click on the following link:

If you traveling by you personal car, Emory reimburses mileage @ .54/mile. Emory does NOT reimburse gas receipts.

The GSC allows you to reimburse $50/day of meal expenses. Original receipts are required for reimbursement.

If alcohol is purchased with a meal, it needs to be listed as a separate expense. For instance, if the total meal cost is $25, but $5 was for alcohol, you will need to enter 2 expenses in your report: under “MEALS – INDIVIDUAL” list a $20 expense and under “MEALS – ALCOHOL” list a $5 expense. But you only need 1 receipt.

If you spend more money than you receive in funding, your expense report should list how much you are to be reimbursed, NOT the total receipt amount. For instance, if you buy a $315 airplane ticket and have $250 from the GSC but no other funding sources, you will enter $250 in your expense report. In this case, you will have to explicitly state this is a partial reimbursement (e.g. $250 out of $315).

For more detailed information, please see the most current version of Emory’s reimbursement policies, which can be found on the LGS website:

After you complete your travel, submit a TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT (TER) online through the Compass system.

Go to

Select ‘Employee Self-Service’ and then ‘Travel and Expense Center’.

Under ‘Expense Report’ (top left), click ‘Create’.

Enter the information about your trip: description, dates, destination (airport code for city or nearest one), and expenses. If you need to add more expenses, click on the ‘+’ arrow to the right.

You will need to get appropriate Smart Keys for all sources of funding (e.g. department, advisor, other grants).

For each expense, click on ‘Detail’ and then ‘Accounting Detail’ at the bottom of the page. On this page, you should enter the appropriate Smart Keys and amounts for each source of funding that you receive.

For instance, if you have a $400 airplane ticket and $250 is from the GSC and the remainder is from your department, you will enter $250 and the Smart Key and then add another line to enter the remaining. You must do this for EVERY expense if you have multiple sources of funding.

After entering all your information, save the report.

Scan and upload your receipts and other supporting documents to Compass.

Remember to upload a copy of the conference announcement or program showing both the name of the conference and the name of your presentation with you as the author. This is required by the GSC in order to process your reimbursement.

Save the report again and then click on the “SUBMIT” button.

After submitting, return to the top of the page and click ‘Print Report with Barcode’ underneath where you entered the date and submit that page to the GSC.

Also print out an Accounting Summary and include it with the expense report. Be sure that the Accounting Summary page includes both the Smart Key and the dollar amounts (it is suggested you print in landscape).

Print out other supporting documentation, including a copy of the conference announcement or program showing both the name of the conference and the name of your presentation with you as the author.

Tape your original receipts to a standard-sized piece of white paper. Receipts must include BOTH the credit card slip and itemized list of purchases. Again, if the originals are not to be submitted to the GSC, please include a photocopy and note where the originals are stored.

Make one photocopy of these materials. It is also recommended that you keep a copy for your records as well. If the original packet is to be kept elsewhere, please include a note indicating where and submit two copies to the GSC.

Submit the two copies of the travel expense packet to the Finance Office on the top level of the AMUC. Your grant cannot be approved in Compass until the paper packet has been received.

You will receive an email confirmation from the Compass system when we have received and processed your paperwork. You should receive your reimbursement within 2-4 weeks after processing.


To submit an expense report on Compass, you may have to complete online training first. Your department administrator may able to enter on your behalf (via proxy) if you are unable. Please forward them these directions should a department administrator complete the TER on your behalf.

See the following information from Project Compass for help:

To gain access to Compass, students must complete the Creating and Submitting Expense Report course and review the Supplemental Job Aid – Expense Report Job Aid (

Upon completion of the course, students should print the exam score and record the following information on the exam score printout:

Full Name (as listed on file with Emory University)

Network ID

Contact Number

E-mail address

Students may submit the exam sheet with the required information to Procurement and Payment Services to or by fax to 404-727-4358. A Procurement and Payment Services representative will notify the student when access to Compass is granted. Once access is granted, students can process their expenses at


Please remember that for domestic travel, receipts are needed to reimburse meal expenses. You are allowed to reimburse up to $50/day of meals with receipts.

The GSC will not fund any reimbursement request that does not have documentation describing the conference attended and the poster/paper/talk presented.

If you are not a US Citizen, please be aware that additional documentation of visa status may be required by Accounts Payable. Obtaining this documentation may delay your reimbursement. Please check with your department before submitting your request for any special requirements.

When submitting correspondence to the GSC, please drop off materials to the Finance office on the top floor of the DUC (enter from the side facing the School of Medicine).

Please note that since we are a student organization, responses to questions may be delayed over school holidays or over the summer.

If you have any further questions, please contact the GSC Travel Clerk at

Good luck and enjoy your conference!